Clockhouse Wood

The debate about historic cars and their impact on climate change seems rather conclusive: their carbon footprint is low.  Not only were they manufactured years ago, but they generally cover such low mileage each year that their emissions footprint is minimal.

Nonetheless, they still have a negative net effect on the ecosystem which is important to consider.  Recent years have seen the development of several carbon offset schemes aimed at our market, with the one run by the FBHVC being a good example ( These schemes give owners of historic vehicles the opportunity to calculate their carbon emissions and donate money towards the development of woodland. According to the Woodland Trust, planting trees is one of our best defences against the current climate crisis and they (and many other woodland charities) are on a mission to encourage communities, businesses, and individuals to plant as many trees as possible.

Given our beautiful location in the North Essex countryside, and our 11-acre rural site that is largely unused, we have decided to join this mission and create our own mini woodland, ‘Clockhouse Wood’. Of course, creating a woodland is a long-term project and not something that happens overnight, but we hope that over the coming years we will create a special place that not only contributes to the wider environmental challenge but also provides an area to be enjoyed by our local community, visitors and wildlife.

We are excited to have started preparing the area and aim to plant our first batch of trees before this year’s planting season is over. All trees will be native and we will also be looking to plant hedgerows and other woodland plants that will help attract and protect local wildlife. We have taken advice from tree specialists as to the best way to develop the woodland and have a phased plan to develop the area over the coming years.

None of this would be happening if it wasn’t for Chris who works hard throughout the year looking after our grounds. He has been the driving force behind the development of Clockhouse Wood with his enviable passion for trees and woodland.  Not even the freezing temperatures deterred him from his mission of installing fencing recently!

Have you captured your car’s carbon footprint? Would you like to support us in our mission to plant trees to support the environment? If so, please contact Sarah on 01799 586888 or at to find out ways in which you can help.

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