1902 Clément-Panhard Voiturette

  • A delightful, easy-to-drive veteran car
  • VCC dated 1902 ensuring an early start time on the London to Brighton Run
  • Mechanically a very interesting car having centre-pivot steering

This delightful and intriguing car is impressive both cosmetically and mechanically.

Its attractive coachwork is minimal, being a lightweight 3-seat Vis-à-Vis. Its body timbers have been beautifully Schlack polished, holding a lovely patina, and distinctive canework has been applied to the body sides. Onlookers are immediately interested when seeing the car for the first time.

The car’s layout is equally interesting, having a tubular chassis frame having with an inclined single-cylinder engine of 4 ½ horsepower mounted at the back. Its cylinder head points to the rear, having a mechanically operated inlet valve. The engine is easy to start, runs very well indeed and is easy to control. Drive is via an open 3-speed, constant-mesh gear train, with transmission to the rear wheels by side chains. Gear change is very easy being a ‘dog change’. The centre-pivot steering is a most unusual feature, controlled by a wheel, and is surprisingly light and responsive.

Over five hundred of these cars were built from 1898 to 1903 and today some 17 survive. This car is a remarkably well-preserved example, having been restored in France, then forming part of a Dutch auto museum (Autotron) for many years. In 1985 the Veteran Car Club of Great Britain dated the car 1902 and issued certificate number 1667.

In the hands of the current owner since 1989 (for some 33 years), the car has been subject to extensive work from noted engineer Arthur Archer and has since completed several London to Brighton runs.

This wonderful and eye-catching veteran car, benefits from an early start time on the London to Brighton. It is sweet to drive and will thrill on the route to Brighton! A great car for beginners or hardened veteran enthusiasts.


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