1913 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost – Colonial “L to E”

  • Colonial London to Edinburgh Chassis
  • A great sporting specification with stunning coachwork
  • Completely restored to a high standard

Chassis Number 2358 is clearly specified as a Colonial London to Edinburgh chassis being on test in April 1913. Supplied new to Marquis de Arquelles, Madrid, Spain and specified with Rudge Whitworth detachable wire wheels, fitted with larger than standard 935 x 135 tyres, nickel fittings and special in “steering” and a whole host of other extras. The original coachwork was a very sporting cabriolet by Barker and this is pictured in John Fasal’s book ‘The Edwardian Rolls-Royce’.

Being a Colonial London to Edinburgh car from 1913, this represents the most sporting of Edwardian cars and is very similar to that used in the 1913 Spanish Grand-Prix cars. This particular car was supplied with the 22”, high radiator, a 3-speed gear box and has a transmission brake as well as rear wheel brakes. The large wheels make this a very imposing car.

2358 was recently discovered derelict and partly dismantled, having been in long-term ownership in Barcelona. There was no evidence of previous restoration to this chassis. Since the car’s discovery, the car has been subject to a complete restoration to a very high standard. The car is beautifully presented and ready for touring.

The car retains its original engine and back axle and it was necessary to produce a new gearbox to complete the car. Stunning new touring coachwork of a very sporting nature has been produced and, unusually, the car has a dashboard fitted, as the original bulkhead showed no signs of instrumentation having been fitted to this. All engine fittings have been nickel plated as the car was found.

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