1914 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost London to Edinburgh


Rolls-Royce chassis cards clearly identifies chassis number 25PB as a “Colonial London to Edinburgh” model. The build sheets also specify a high compression engine, 22” radiator with louvered bonnet, four speed gearbox and set in levers. A B-rake steering column and Dunlop wire wheels were also fitted. The completed chassis was dispatched to France, surprisingly for launderette coachwork to be fitted.

Records also indicate Rolls-Royce continued to maintain 25PB through to the 1930s. Throughout this period the car was in Lyon and records imply works were carried out for several owners. During the late 1970s 25PB was discovered dismantled but largely complete and rumoured to have been previously used as a farm vehicle close to Beaujolais. At this time, the rear axle had fitted a twin rear wheel arrangement (suspect likely to be from an armoured car). This interesting feature has been retained and fits directly on to the standard type hub, therefore, the arrangement could be substituted for standard wheels if required.

The present owner commissioned its restoration which was completed in 1985. Mechanical works were carried out by Arthur Archer/Dave Hemmings whilst its attractive and sporting coachwork was produced by Crailville. Brian Frost carried out the trim work. Over the last 30 years 25PB has seen little use but has been well kept. Being an older restoration she is in ideal touring condition and would benefit from some TLC to bring her back to top condition.

In many ways 25PB offers the ultimate specification of a pre-war Ghost incorporating all the developments introduced following Rolls-Royce’s success in the 1913 Alpine trials. This is a significant car being clearly identified as a “Colonial L to E” on the chassis build sheets.

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