1933 Rolls-Royce 20/25 DHC

For Sale £119,500
  • Unusual and attractive 3-position DHC coachwork
  • Immaculately presented in Midnight Blue with beige hide
  • High quality reproduction Vanden Plas coachwork

The original English company of Vanden Plas was in fact the English branch of the well-established Belgian firm of Carrosserie Vanden Plas. After several changes in the company since its formation in 1912, the company under ownership of the Fox brothers established the new Vanden Plas England Ltd in Kingsbury, next door to Bentley Motor Company. They began making most of the open sporting bodies for the various Bentley chassis, and when Rolls-Royce acquired Bentley Motors, Vanden Plas bodies were produced for the 3 ½ and 4 ¼ litre cars. Interestingly, only a very small proportion of their coachwork was mounted on Rolls-Royce chassis.

GDX 33 was first registered with registration number OC 25 and was delivered new on 24th of April 1933 to Mr. E.L. Watson. GDX 33 was originally fitted with a Thrupp & Maberly 6-light saloon body. Later when the 20/25 was sold to Mr Stanton, GDX 33 received its second body, a Park Ward saloon. This body was eventually removed when a full chassis restoration was commissioned in the late 1990s. The matching number engine and chassis was rebuilt as well as the drive-train by Brunts of Silverdale.

The restored chassis was sold and GDX 33 received its third body, a beautiful three-position drophead coupé made specially for this 20/25. The coachwork and folding hood were inspired by Vanden Plas examples fitted to Bentleys from the time.  The car is in beautiful condition and is a faithful recreation. The light front wings are part of a pleasant, understated appearance that is mirrored in the interior. The clean and uncluttered mahogany dashboard is nicely laid out and the front seats fold forward into a flat position. The passengers sitting in the back of the car benefit from an attractive inner hood lining as well as a hood that can be fully open, set to Sedanca position, or fully enclosed.

The restoration of GDX 33 was completed in 2019 and the car’s history file contains details of the work carried out with supporting invoices. The car is presently located in Holland and has a UK registration.

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