1936 Rolls-Royce 25/30

  • A lovely looking car having attractive and original coachwork
  • Same family ownership for 48 years
  • Many consider the 25/30 to be the best of the small horsepower series cars

Chassis No. GAN 47 was on test on 10 November 1936 having been ordered by Dr Fison of the International Agrochemical and Pharmaceutical Company. Specified as a long chassis with E-Rake steering and a bonnet having flap shutters. The chassis was to accept standard saloon coachwork with fixed roof by Barker & Co. Ltd. This was finished in blue/black with folding tables to the rear of the front seats, folding armrest to rear, and pockets on the inside of both rear doors.

Rolls-Royce ownership records indicate that the Fison ownership was short-lived as on 9 October 1937, Major JW Garten of Parkstone is listed as the owner.  The history records indicate the car was laid up during the war and by 1946, Mr Yeomans of Burton on Trent is the recorded keeper.  In 1950, the car was owned by Mr Maisey of Hampton Hill in Middlesex and exchanged ownership again on 5 October 1966 to The Rev. T S. McCann of Hyde in Cheshire.

Since 1972, GAN 47 has been in the same family ownership totalling 48 years.   The late Tom Fenton purchased the car in original condition and in 1994 commenced a 3-year restoration of the car.  In 1997, the car won Best in Class at the RREC Annual Rally and has since been well maintained and regularly used participating in many continental tours.  In 2004, the car took part in the New Zealand leg of the RREC Centenary World Tour. More recently, GAN 47 has been subject to a full engine rebuild having now covered approximately 1500 miles since this work was carried out.  A modern overdrive unit has also been fitted which is beneficial for long distance touring.

GAN 47 is a delightful example of a Rolls-Royce 25/30, a model which boasts a 4 ¼ litre capacity, improved steering due to the Miles-type steering box, and electric fuel pumps. Many consider the 25/30 as the finest of the small horsepower series of cars.  GAN 47 is a matching number example which retains its attractive and sporting original coachwork and original registration number DLU 988.  The car remains in fine order and drives very well indeed. She is featured in ‘Rolls-Royce In Detail 1922-1939’ by Nick Walker underlying what a lovely example she is.

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