1949 Bentley MKVI Standard Steel

  • Highly detailed and meticulous restoration
  • Possibly, the best Standard steel Mark VI Bentley anywhere
  • Sympathetic upgrades, making this car very usable and capable in modern day traffic
  • Extensive history file

Following the end of WW2 Rolls-Royce transferred its car division from Derby to Crewe and in a first for the company offered a complete car rather than just a chassis. The Mark VI Bentley Standard steel saloon was available from 1946, fitted with a 4 ¼ litre overhead valve engine. The standard steel saloon bodies were styled in-house with ex-Gurney Nutting Chief Designer John Blatchley involved, the bodies were produced by the Pressed Steel Company in Oxford but assembled to the chassis, trimmed, painted and finished at the Factory in Crewe. However, pre-war tradition of specialist coachbuilders working from a supplied chassis remained very popular. Development led to a larger capacity engine in 1951 and longer chassis in 1952, becoming known as the Bentley R-Type and later with further development the legendary R-Type Continental.

Registered JOV 737 on 3rd August 1949 this Mark VI is an early example true to the original concept with small boot and 4 ¼ litre engine. Known (and regularly used) by the current custodian since 1976, and owned since 2008 when the decision was made to project manage a complete restoration. Employing skilled individuals to complete the various tasks required, no time or expenditure limit was set for the project, eventually completed after some four years. With improvements to equal and even surpass performance of the later 4 ½ litre cars and the addition of seat belts, modern radio and lighting functions this stunning Mark VI Bentley is ready to be enjoyed as the car it was designed to be.

This beautifully presented and fully restored Standard steel saloon really is one of a kind.

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