1934 Rolls-Royce 20/25 Sedanca Coupe

For Sale £189,500
  • A highly attractive 3-position DHC by HJ Mulliner.
  • A superb driving car.
  • Subject to extensive recent work by top UK specialists.

Chassis number GWE 67 was off test on 8th October 1934, supplied to Jack Barclay as stock with stunning Sedanca Coupe coachwork by HJ Mulliner (3-position). The chassis card states ‘the car was to be used in the United Kingdon for fast touring’. It was equipped with a sprung steering wheel, headlamp brackets 2 1/2″ shorter than standard, twin spare wheels, vertical bonnet louvers and an extended exhaust pipe.

On 29th December 1934, the car was purchased from Jack Barclay’s showrooms by Maxwell Morris Esq. of Dorland House, Regent Street.  Rolls-Royce ownership records indicate that by 1953 the car had passed to Alan L. Russell of Yew Tree Farm, Tibenham, Norwich; and by 1966, it had been exported to the USA, being owned by Terry D. Fleming of Atlanta, Georgia. Restored during the early 1990’s in America, the car won the Rolls-Royce of England Trophy for ‘Best Pre-War Car’ at the Philadelphia meet in 1994. By 2008, GWE 67 had been returned home to the UK and has been in the ownership of two highly regarded mark enthusiasts.

The car has recently benefited from significant work carried out by some of the best UK specialists totalling in excess of £60,000. This includes a steering box overhaul carried out by Fiennes Restoration; an overdrive installation, clutch reline and servicing by Ben Smith Engineering; front of engine and cylinder head overhaul carried out by A&S Engineering; sludge traps cleaned, repairs to trim, cappings and dash refinished, and rear drive dogs attended to by Classic Restoration and Services of Chichester; and wheels rebuilt.

The 3-position Sedanca Coupe coachwork has to be one of the ultimate styles fitted to the 20/25.  Similar in appearance to a Gurney Nutting Owen Sedanca, the HJ Mulliner is arguably a more sophisticated design with cleaner lines to the rear of the car.  Being a 3-position DHC, occupants of the car can experience the comforts of enclosed motoring with wind up windows; or tour in the Sedanca configuration, the car’s most attractive form; or travel with the hood fully folded offering the joys of open air motoring.  This particular example was, until recently, finished in black throughout.  However, the current owner has had a grey wrap fitted to achieve a two-tone scheme.  This was initially a temporary measure to confirm his colour choice, however, he was so happy with the result, he did not continue to the paintwork stage.  The wrap is in first class order but could be removed should a future owner prefer a solid colour finish.

On the road, GWE 67 is an outstanding drive.  The engine is particularly quiet and refined, with ample power, exceeding the performance of many other 20/25s.  An overdrive is fitted allowing comfortable high-speed touring and the steering is exemplary.  This car really does drive as good as it looks!


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